In Focus Monthly - September 2018

This month marks a decade since the fall of Lehman Brothers, sparking the financial crisis. In this issue, our experts look at what investors can learn from the last ten years. We’ve also looked at a Barclays study into investor behaviour during the crash, which had some surprising results.

The performance of energy has significantly diverged from all other commodity sectors over the last year. Our experts explain why oil is still our preferred commodity.

As Italy sews together its 2019 budget, investors are fretting how much of this populist coalition’s wide ranging (and expensive) agenda will become policy. However, we believe there may be a value opportunity for the brave and nimble.

With regards to foreign exchange, our experts argue that the Swiss franc has likely received favourable safe-haven flows during the Italian coalition headline news. In this issue, read why we see a ‘sell’ signal for the Swiss franc and why swimming upstream may pay off in today’s currency markets.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

10 years since Lehman

The US stock market’s performance 10 years after the financial crisis demonstrates the virtues of a long-term investment view.

Is oil still a strong investment?

Copper and zinc’s price declined by more than 20% this year. We look at which commodities offer value.

Going against the herd

Should you buy or sell the Swedish krona, New Zealand dollar and Swiss franc?

Investors in a crisis: run for the hills?

Even in the global financial crisis, individual investors proved to be a resilient bunch.

The stock buyback sugar rush

Stock buybacks in ‘Corporate America’ surged to pre-crisis highs. Have they received an artificial boost?

Italy’s lingering budget jitters

Investors are concerned about how much of the new Italian government’s agenda will become policy.

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