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Podcast: Interview with Emma Turner

The first in our series of Barclays Private Bank podcasts. Emma Turner, Director of Philanthropy at Barclays, talks about the future of giving.

In Focus Monthly October 2018

What is the likelihood of a market reversal for underperforming emerging market equities? Are US interests rates are likely to rise faster than markets anticipate? And what opportunity does the euro hold for FX investors? Our experts discuss.

5 ways to be a smart giver

Britons are generous. Some 60% of people in the UK made at least one charitable donation last year, collectively handing over £10.3bn to good causes, more money than ever before.

In Focus Monthly September 2018

Our experts have looked at investors nerves over Italy’s 2019 budget, whether US stock buybacks have received an artificial boost and what we’ve learnt 10 years after the fall of the Lehman Brothers

In Focus Monthly August 2018

In this issue, our experts discuss how populist leaders verses institutions impact growth.

Prime and super-prime residential property

From Grade I listed villas overlooking Regent’s Park to modern apartments on the banks of the River Thames, homes in London – and many other parts of the UK – attract buyers from around the world.

The impact of Turkey’s currency crisis

Turkey is currently going through a classic emerging market currency crisis, with the lira currently down 70% year to date against the dollar.

How to cultivate charitable giving in young adults

This article looks at how to encourage and support 17-25 year old adults in charitable giving, whether it’s donating their time and skills or giving directly to their chosen charity.

In Focus Monthly July 2018

In this edition of In Focus, our experts analyse the yield curve and whether it is a reliable tool.

Future giving

Involving the next generation in philanthropy: an interview with Emma Turner, Director of Philanthropy.

In Focus Monthly June 2018

In this edition, our experts discuss how to navigate the challenges that June brought to the investment landscape.

The Brexit debate

It’s more than a year since the UK triggered Article 50, requiring the country to leave the EU by March 2019, and almost two years since the nation voted to go. 

In Focus Monthly May 2018

In this issue, our experts review how this is impacting emerging market bonds, European banks and more.

The global shift towards impact investing

Wealthy families and individuals are increasingly investing for social and environmental good. Read our highlights from the Financial Times ‘Investing for Global Impact’ report.

New Private Bank website

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Private Bank website which has been designed to reflect our brand, and simply convey the solutions we offer our clients.

Artificial Intelligence comes of age

Artificial intelligence (AI) has reached an inflection point and is poised to transform our world

How to engage the next generation in philanthropy

What is the best way to educate our children on this topic?

The stages of giving in a child’s life (5-16)

Understanding the stages of giving in a child’s life is a key factor in ensuring you can help them to become empathic and philanthropic in life.

Market insights

If we were pressed to choose a word to represent the first quarter of 2018, it would be ‘volatile’. 

Philanthropy articles

Philanthropy articles

Our Little Book of Wonders team has partnered with ‘1843’, the bi-monthly culture and lifestyle magazine from The Economist Group. Below is a selection of the articles relating to Philanthropy.

Figs on a brass tray

Investment themes

Here is our view of the key investment ideas and opportunities for 2018 and beyond, underpinned by our belief that global growth looks increasingly broad based by geography and sector.