The future of giving is Smarter Giving

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There is no doubt that philanthropy is a powerful force, transforming lives on both sides of the giving equation. But many misunderstandings and barriers exist around the subject, deterring potential givers from donating money and time to deserving causes. Barriers to Giving [PDF, 1.7MB], our new report, delves deeper into these challenges to reveal what’s driving them and how they can be addressed. 

Through our Smarter Giving content series, we help you see beyond the traditional notions of philanthropy and discover why the future of giving is smarter giving.

How do the benefits of giving go beyond the feel-good factor?

Explore our Smarter Giving content series


How giving boosts your brain

Giving money can feel as good as earning it, explains MIT neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart.


How to get started in giving

Looking to make a difference to the causes you care about? Here’s what you need to know.


The Smarter Giving landscape

The evolution of charitable giving is creating a wealth of opportunities for donors, reveals Emma Turner, Director of Barclays Private Bank Philanthropy Service.


The Giving Evolution

The lack of faith between charities and wealthy individuals is one of several barriers to giving in the UK. Nevertheless, the future is bright.


Building Bridges

A disconnect between high-net-worth donors and charities is limited donations. We look at how to overcome it.

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Our research

A ‘lack of faith’ between wealthy donors and charities is one of the greatest obstacles to philanthropy outside of the US, our Barriers to Giving report has found. The UK’s philanthropic donations amount to just 0.5% of national GDP, compared with 2.1% in the US. This lack of major donors is having a considerable impact on UK charitable funding. It also prevents charities and the wealthy from developing mutually beneficial partnerships over the longer term, our research shows.


Barriers to Giving

A lack of major donors in the UK is significantly impacting charitable funding. To address this, we’ve partnered with the Beacon Collaborative and the Institute of Fundraising to help build relationships between wealthy individuals and charities. We aim to support charities, create mutually beneficial relationships and help our wealthy clients to have an impact on the causes they care about most.


Our philanthropy service

Philanthropy means different things to different people, reflecting the diversity our clients and their families. Whatever your charitable goals are, we can help you work through the key issues and create a strategy to meet your needs. Contact us to find out more about this service. Our philanthropy service is available in the UK, Switzerland and Monaco.