Securities-Backed Lending

What is securities-backed lending?

Securities Backed Lending (SBL) is a solution that can give you access to funds by using your existing cash and investments with Barclays Private Bank as collateral.

How securities-backed lending can support you

Unlock capital 

  • Ready Access to Capital: Achieve your lifestyle aspirations, without compromising your long-term investment goals
  • Timely access to liquidity: Funds can be raised quickly to support your specific needs

Diversify investment growth

  • Build your wealth: Make your money work harder by borrowing to support an existing investment strategy – to help you effectively grow and preserve your wealth
  • Manage and diversify risk: Offset risks within your portfolio to address short term concerns or increase diversification

Hedging and trading

  • Protect from currency risk: Use your loan to hedge and cover your exposure to foreign exchange risks
  • Opportunistic strategies: The funds can also be used to trade in equities and bonds, as well as derivatives and options​​​​​​​​​​​

Diversifying portfolios 

A client, with a core investment portfolio of global equities, wanted to explore options to diversify their current risk exposure and take advantage of opportunities in the market. After discussing this with their Private Banker, they engaged with the bank's specialised lending team. A solution was proposed using a securities-backed lending (SBL) facility.

The client was able to use their existing investment portfolio as collateral – to obtain additional funds that could then be used to invest in different asset classes and markets to diversify their current investment portfolio. The client was also able to maintain some liquidity to take advantage of future opportunities in the market as and when they arise.

The partnership between the bank's lending and investment teams provided our client with an optimal solution. They were able to maintain their current investment strategy, while also gaining the liquidity they needed to diversify some of their current risk exposure.

Our securities-backed loan can be the key to unlocking liquidity when our clients need it most, and enabling them to take advantage of opportunities in the market

Hannah Milne

Head of Lending Services Product

Please note: Past performance is not an indication of future performance. The value of investments, and any income can fall, as well as rise, so you could get back less than you invested. Neither capital nor income is guaranteed. The amount you can borrow will depend on the security provided, intended purpose of your facility and your circumstances. Investment leverage can magnify losses in a falling market.

SBL has jurisdictional restrictions in line with cross border policy requirements, your financial instrument knowledge & experience and your investment risk profile. Your SBL eligibility will have to be discussed before progressing with an application.

Where you borrow against investments, a failure or inability to repay or service the borrowing may result in your investment assets being sold.


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We serve clients who can establish an investment portfolio of at least £5 million (or local currency equivalent) with us.