Philanthropy service

Philanthropy means different things to different people, reflecting the diverse ambitions and backgrounds of our clients and their families. We help you find the right approach and focus.

Whatever your philanthropic aims, we can help you understand the key issues and guide you with a strategy that meets your needs. This includes:

  • Information on practical, flexible and effective giving including guidance on the best structure options
  • Help to identify your own philanthropy profile, including cause areas, extent and profile of involvement
  • How to measures success and ensure your giving is meaningful to you and your family
  • How to engage family members, including children, to create an inter-generational legacy which can promote social responsibility
  • Bespoke literature and exclusive events to help you widen your understanding of philanthropy.

The world of philanthropy

The best way to discover more about the world of philanthropy is to learn from experts in the field and from other philanthropists.

As a client, you can attend events and roundtables that have been specifically tailored to deepen your understanding of all aspects of giving and connect you to like-minded individuals.

Our bespoke literature includes our Guide to Giving which provide step-by-step advice and answers questions on all aspects of charitable giving. 

We have recently published ’Future Giving – Engaging the Next Generation’ [PDF, 2.7MB] which has been created in response to many conversations with our clients about how to involve their families in their giving. It gives guidance on how to help shape the world of philanthropy for ages 5-25 as well as two fascinating case studies.

We have also published Smart Giving – The Guide to Donating [PDF, 995KB]. This provides clients with advice and guidance before donating, so they can feel confident that their donations will be well-spent. It encourages those donating to charity (or raising money for charity) to seek information from the charity so they can understand how it works, how it is run, and what impact it has.

Please contact us to find out more about this service. Our Philanthropy Service is centred on the United Kingdom and also directly available in Switzerland and Monaco. It may also be available in other regions following discussion with Barclays.


It all begins with a conversation

If you would like to discuss your financial needs with our experts, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We serve clients who can establish an investment portfolio of at least £5 million (or local currency equivalent) with us.

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