Philanthropy service

Philanthropy means different things to different people, reflecting the diverse ambitions and backgrounds of our clients and their families. We help you find the right approach and focus.

Whatever your philanthropic aims, we can help you understand the key issues and guide you with a strategy that meets your needs. This includes:

  • Information on practical, flexible and effective giving including guidance on the best structure options
  • Help to identify your own philanthropy profile, including cause areas, extent and profile of involvement
  • How to measures success and ensure your giving is meaningful to you and your family
  • How to engage family members, including children, to create an inter-generational legacy which can promote social responsibility
  • Bespoke literature and exclusive events to help you widen your understanding of philanthropy.

The world of philanthropy

Contribution and connection to others are at the heart of what makes us human. For some, giving starts early in life, influenced by family or culture. For others, it comes later, after achieving financial security or following a significant life event that prompts a re-evaluation of priorities.

Whenever that initial spark occurs, philanthropists often face a confusing array of options. How and where should you focus your efforts? How do you measure progress? How do you create an informed plan and turn it into action?

The seismic shocks of recent years, including a global pandemic and escalating climate crisis, have increasingly brought the fragility of the modern world to the forefront of our minds. Within this context, we see wealthy individuals and families inspired to learn about the pivotal role they can play in driving a more equitable future.

And while philanthropy can supplement other forms of capital and at times provide a healthy disruption to the status quo, one of its significant criticisms is that it does not go far enough in doing so.

The reality is that philanthropy offers both great possibilities and conundrums. Often its value and legitimacy rests not only on what donors do, but also how they go about it. In order for philanthropy to fulfil its promise, donors should take the time to learn about what the world needs and to reflect on what they bring to the table. They should know themselves – and recognise their limits.

As they embark on a journey of giving, they may realise that this is equally a journey of enquiry and personal leadership: one that requires commitment, partnership, humility and – not to be forgotten – heart.

Guide to Giving

Featuring inspiring case studies and examples of good practice, our ‘Guide to Giving’ aims to help you navigate the questions you may face, whether you are new to philanthropy or have years of experience and wish to deepen your impact.

We hope its collective wisdom and the questions raised will help you to forge an effective path for your philanthropy. More than ever, we hope that you find fulfilment, growth and joy through your giving.

Please contact us to find out more about this service. Our Philanthropy Service is based in the United Kingdom. If you would like to access this service from another region, your private banker would be happy to discuss your needs.


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