Personalised banking and savings

Designed for bespoke needs and fast-moving lifestyles

We strive to make managing and accessing your cash as easy as possible, and understand you need different things from us at different times – whether it’s short-term liquidity solutions, or longer-term wealth preservation and accumulation options.

  • Easy and secure online access 
    Our secure technology provides peace of mind when accessing your information online

  • Currency flexibility
    Choose from US dollar, sterling and euro accounts

  • Access your money worldwide
    Withdrawal from ATMs worldwide with your sterling debit card

  • Client support
    Our colleagues around the world are here to help you, led by your Private Banker

What we offer

Day-to-day banking

Manage your cash transactions quickly and easily, including international payments and foreign exchange activities


Bank accounts

Designed to support your personal, family, trust, family office and/or foundation needs

Savings accounts

Benefit from flexible solutions ranging from instant access accounts, to longer-term fixed interest deposits 

Digital banking

Access your financial information online at anytime

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It all begins with a conversation

If you would like to discuss your financial needs with our experts, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We serve clients who can establish an investment portfolio of at least £5 million (or local currency equivalent) with us.