Digital banking

Online access to your accounts with powerful investment and payment capabilities.

We know you’re always looking for ways to access your investments hassle free, anytime, anywhere. That’s why we are continually improving our digital services to give you swift, secure, real-time banking. Our online and mobile platform will simplify the day-to-day management of your finances and provide instant visibility of your wealth portfolio.

Online access

Log in to your selected online banking platform.

Mobile Banking app

The Barclays Bank app has many great features to give you a seamless and secure banking experience1.

What's available

We tailor our online and mobile platforms for different regions, providing local services that ensure flexibility and control for clients across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. Some of the features available might therefore vary depending on your existing relationship location. Wherever you are, we’ll provide you with the most advanced and innovative digital experience available today.

Easy access to account and portfolio information

Have instant access to your account and portfolio information via desktop, mobile phone and tablet displays. All account information: account balances, orders, placements and available funds, will be updated in real-time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quick and customisable payment services

Our online banking system provides a straightforward and efficient way to manage payments. It enables individual payments (including standing orders) along with bulk orders, and payments can be entered and modified online and can be saved using templates. Copies of Swift messages are also available.

FX and fiduciary placements

The trading capability in the online platform also extends to foreign exchange (FX), offering access to FX transfers at spot rate (in 16 currencies), currency swaps and forwards.

You can also take advantage of fiduciary placements: Fidcall and Fidtime are within the available products. The latter allows you to place deposits from one week up to one year.

Your wealth summary

With the Barclays Private Banking app, you’re able to view all of your investments in one place, see how these investments have performed and get a clearer idea as to what their asset classes are.

Switch to paperless

Sign up for the electronic-only option and receive statements, advices, updates on legal terms, and more. You can choose to be notified by SMS or by email when a new document is available in your document box after you make a transaction.

Get in touch

You’re able to call the Private Bank Client Services team securely from your app or communicate with us via Secure Messaging.

Freeze your card

You can freeze your card while you look for it. From the home screen go to ‘Quick links’ and select ‘Your cards’, then tap ‘Temporary freeze’.

Pay in a cheque

Pay in cheques to your current account using the app and your smartphone’s camera. Just tell us the amount and payee details, take a photo of the cheque, tap 'Submit' and the money will be in your account by the next working day2.


Our online banking systems have been fully tested for security and successfully certified to the highest standards to protect you from cybersecurity threats. This includes using two-factor authentication, data protection mechanisms, and continuous monitoring to help protect you from criminal activity.

For clients who wish to give account access to other users (such as family members), we have a range of security propositions, including the option to define thresholds, and set tailored levels of authorisation for specific users.

For those ultra-high net-worth clients and family offices with evolving cyber security needs, a subscription service provided by a third party can be introduced. Users can receive regular digital health check reports, follow-up consultations and on-going tailored support, including reputational management, incident response and more. If you’re already a client, please speak to your banker. If you’re not a client, please contact us.

Institutional online banking

Experience a seamless digital journey with B.Net (also known as iPortal) . iPortal provides a single point of access to Barclays Corporate Banking products and services, including cash management, loans, foreign exchange and open banking.

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