London and Paris - Real Estate Realities podcast

30 April 2021

Would you rather buy in London or Paris? Having spent more time in our homes than most people would have ever expected over the last year, many are itching to get back to city life. Join property journalist Zoe Dare Hall in this prime property podcast, as she compares the outlook for the two cities as they both emerge from the pandemic.

She’s joined by Jo Eccles, Managing Director of Eccord, Sophie Chick, Head of Department for World Research at Savills, Susie Hollands, founder and CEO of VINGT Paris, and Stephen Moroukian, Product and Proposition Director at Barclays Private Bank.

Don’t have time to listen to the whole podcast? Dip into the recording at the times below to listen to specific topics:

  1. Has the appeal of cities remained? – 2.12
  2. Paris prime property prices – 8.37
  3. Macroeconomic market drivers – 11.12
  4. Refurbishments – 15.28
  5. The future of cities – 16.59
  6. Primary or secondary homes? – 19.15
  7. Market sentiment – 22.37
  8. International buyers – 24.12

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