Beyond 100 - Podcast

26 November 2018

Could breakthroughs in bioscience mean that one day we will all live to 120?

Over the past century we’ve managed to double average life expectancy but we have never exceeded the 122 year record set by French supercentenarian Jeanne Calment.

In this Barclays Private Bank podcast we speak to specialists from across the world to understand how longer lifespans could soon be a reality and what this means for the way we live, work and invest.

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Beyond 100 - Whitepaper

Breakthroughs in bioscience could help people live fitter, healthier lives for much longer than we thought possible, but what impact will this have?

For our special report, world-leading experts across sectors share their ideas and insights to help you understand the possible implications of a longer lifespan on the economy, your family and your investments.


Beyond 100 - Video

‘Beyond 100’ investigates the economic and societal impact of longevity, including the industries that will benefit from increased lifespans.

With views from leading experts across sectors discover the challenges and opportunities of longevity science.

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