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A ‘lack of faith’ in charities is cited as one of the key barriers to giving for wealthy individuals, our latest Barriers to Giving [hyperlink to whitepaper] report has found.

To address this issue, we’ve partnered with The Beacon Collaborative [link to their page], a collective founded to encourage and celebrate major donors in the UK, and the Institute of Fundraising [link to page] , the professional membership body for UK fundraising. Together, we aim to deliver a step change in giving by building trust and understanding between HNWI and charities.

Barclays has a long and successful history of working with charities and not-for-profit organisations across the UK, particularly large operating charities, family foundations, education providers, housing associations, local authorities, military charities, sports foundations and religious orders.

Our experts include investment advisors and portfolio managers who create bespoke solutions for your unique needs. We take time to fully understand your objectives, and work with you to navigate regulatory requirements while protecting and growing your assets.

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Barriers to Giving report [PDF, 1.7MB]

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  • Credit facilities, including security-backed lending
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  • Capital-raising through our Investment Bank team
  • Day-to-day financial management and advice from our Corporate Bank team.

As a trusted partner to the third sector for over 60 years, we offer the necessary experience, specialist knowledge and broad service offering from across the Barclays group to ensure your funds are managed in keeping with your values and strategic objectives.


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Barriers to Giving

A lack of major donors in the UK is significantly impacting charitable funding. To address this, we’ve partnered with the Beacon Collaborative and the Institute of Fundraising to help build relationships between wealthy individuals and charities. We aim to support charities, create mutually beneficial relationships and help our wealthy clients to have an impact on the causes they care about most.