Banking and credit solutions

Our banking and credit specialists will help you manage all your requirements and can provide bespoke solutions.

We use the full resources of the Barclays Group and beyond to meet your banking and credit needs. Our solutions include a wide variety of savings accounts, digital banking, securities-backed financing and structured credit.

No matter how complex your needs, our cash and liquidity specialists and credit specialists can create a personalised solution. They’ll work with you, your advisers and other experts inside and outside the bank to find what’s right for you. That’s the power of collaboration.

Banking solutions

Treasury deposits
Earn a fixed rate of interest on your savings by investing over a defined period.

Money market funds
Target competitive investment returns with funds provided by leading managers. Available in sterling, euros and US dollars. 

Notice accounts
Provided for different notice periods across multiple currencies, with longer notice periods earning higher yields.

Digital banking
Digital banking services are available with 24/7 support every day except Christmas Day (although access may be limited in certain countries due to regulatory restrictions). Access a range of current and savings accounts and make payments in multiple currencies.

Credit solutions

Real estate financing
A full range of mortgage and real estate financing capabilities with a variety of options. We have a global presence, supported by real estate centres in London, Monaco and Geneva.

Structured credit
A dedicated team from across Barclays and our network of partners will support your most complex financial ambitions.

Trade finance
We support major cross-border purchases and transactions, with the option to pledge some or all of your investment portfolio as collateral. Solutions include collections, bank guarantees, letters of credit and working capital facilities.

Securities-backed financing
Raise liquidity against cash and investments held with us to meet short-to-medium-term goals without compromising long-term ambitions. As a client, you can:

  • Create short-term liquidity to meet an immediate ambition or need
  • Diversify into non-financial assets or offset risks such as short-term market volatility
  • Build wealth by borrowing to support your investment strategy
  • Trade and hedge currency risk through derivatives
  • Use thousands of globally traded assets as collateral. 

Please note:

  • Your home may be repossessed if you don’t maintain payments on your residential mortgage. If you fail to keep up with the required payments on a mortgage for an investment property, it may be repossessed or a receiver of rents appointed. For legal advice, consult a professional advisor
  • The value of investments can fall as well as rise, and may fall below the value of your borrowing. You will have to maintain repayments on the loan.

The amount you will have to pay on your mortgage or loan is dependent in part on the specific benchmark rate detailed in your facility letter.

If the benchmark rate is:

  • Bank of England bank rate, this is a benchmark rate provided by the Bank of England as the benchmark provider
  • LIBOR rate, this is a benchmark rate administered by ICE Benchmark Administration Ltd as the benchmark administrator
  • EURIBOR rate, this is a benchmark rate administered by the European Money Markets Institute as the benchmark administrator; and
  • Barclays Bank Base Rate, this is a benchmark rate administered by Barclays Bank plc as the benchmark administrator.

It all begins with a conversation

Discuss your needs with us and find out how we can help you achieve your goals. We serve clients who can establish an investment portfolio of at least £5m (or local currency equivalent) with us.

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