Barclays provides a broad range of services to individuals, businesses and family offices; regardless of the level of complexity.

Your Private Banker will act as your gateway to our award winning portfolio management team, tailor made investment products and our third party partners.


If you like to make your own investment decisions, our Investment Advisory Service offers you all the help and guidance you need to invest effectively. Working in partnership with your Private Banker and Investment Advisor, you will be able to make informed choices about your investments, based on expert research and knowledge of world markets. You will also benefit from advice on specific investment ideas, portfolio construction and innovative investment strategies. This service is designed for people who prefer to manage their own investments, while being able to receive ongoing professional support. Our rigorous due diligence process looks at conditions across world markets and identifies the investment vehicles and providers that are best placed to take advantage of favourable market trends enabling us to identify suitable solutions with a high degree of conviction. We take an active approach, continually reviewing providers, fund managers and products to ensure they are performing as expected, given the market context.


Deal Direct. Access Specialists. Trade Globally. Our Direct Access teams are responsible for delivering world-class advice and execution capabilities to Private Bank Clients across Equities, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Derivatives. Barclays Monaco is able to offer you an industry leading service, Direct Access. It forms part of the Private Bank offering that underscores our relationship with Clients. It is an integral part of the firm’s comprehensive provision of products and services. Clients, both private and professional, use this service to actively trade Equities, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Derivatives. Our Direct Access specialists can provide you with direct-market access, personal investment advice, trade ideas and execution, suiting your individual trading and investment styles.


For Clients who require a personalised portfolio without the burden of day-to-day decision making. The Discretionary Portfolio Management service is set up in 1994 with the establishment if a Monegasque company called Barclays Wealth Asset Management (BWAM SAM). If you prefer to delegate the management of your investments to Barclays, our Discretionary Services provide you with access to the extensive resources of Barclays, delivered by your own designated Portfolio Manager.


Looking after your investments is only part of a Wealth Manager’s role. As a Wealth Manager, providing guidance on both sides of the balance sheet is a fundamental tool in executing a long-term financial plan. Our dedicated team of specialists can help guide and provide you access to highly customised credit solutions, tailored to your unique needs and situation. Whether you need a straightforward loan facility or have more complex requirements, we can help you find the right solution. Our offerings include property finance, borrowing against your investments as well as tailor-made lending solutions.


Estate planning is more than just the process of preparing for events after a client’s demise. It is also the process of managing and organising clients’ affairs during their lifetimes to minimise financial and family complications. Done well, it ensures that a client’s wealth is structured so that assets are used to benefit the people of their choice. The majority of wealthy people find the challenge of succession planning less daunting when assisted by an expert. Barclays Wealth Advisory Service for entrepreneurs and private clients guides and supports clients in structuring their wealth to benefit the people they choose, both today and for the future.