We aim to make managing your finances as simple as possible and one way we can assist you is through our Online Banking Services, providing you with the flexibility to access your finance anytime, anywhere.

Benefits available

Our Online offering features a fresh new look making your account easy to navigate. You can start taking advantage of the features:

  • Clear portfolio and account views – get full visibility of your wealth whenever you require
  • Online transaction capabilities – perform payments in a few clicks
  • Charts and a personalized Home page – choose the information that matters to you and visualize it the instant you connect.


Your online security is important to us and as part of our commitment to protecting you, we have introduced SMS and Hard Token solutions. These are designed to strengthen your protection from online fraud and identity theft.

Hard Token:

It is an industry standard connection device which complies with the highest, stringent security standards and is a recognized connection method all over the world. It offers a reliable connection option from everywhere, whether you are in a covered mobile network zone or not and from every internet connected device.


Along with your Hard Token access, we can allow you to have a second authentication method based with your mobile phone. Upon every login and transaction signing, a unique text message will be sent by our SMS provider1.

You can also set up your Online access to send you text messages whenever an online transaction has been made or just in case you need a password reset.

Contact us

You have access to our online banking support From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (local time) 5 days a week on