Barclays works alongside you and your advisors to create banking, investment, wealth advisory, financing and lifestyle solutions customised to your financial ambitions.

Our Private Bank provides specialised wealth advisory, banking, credit and investment-led services to help you achieve your financial goals. These services are available to clients who wish to establish an investment portfolio with us of £5 million and above. If this does not match your requirements you can find out more about Barclays Wealth Management.

Among the clients we support with our customised services are individuals and families, charities and Family Offices.

Individuals & Families

Your dedicated Private Banker will connect you to our global services and teams of Investment, Credit and Wealth Advisory specialists. They’ll work closely with you and your advisors to gain an in-depth understanding of your circumstances, to ensure your personalised plan continues to meet your financial objectives. 

Key Clients & Family Offices

We keep our minds and doors open to collaborations across Barclays and beyond, so we can approach the challenges you face with fresh thinking. Our dedicated teams take a holistic, all-encompassing approach to your requirements. We can help you establish and develop a Family Office, review your current Family Office structures, and provide access to a broad range of tailored, specialised solutions.

Charities Investment Services

A dedicated Charity Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager will form a close partnership with you and your board to help you meet the challenges you face. We’ll take the time to understand your goals to ensure you can navigate complex regulatory environments, while preserving and growing your assets.