We leave no stone unturned to ensure you can uncover the best ideas from inside and outside the bank. Our Specialist Solutions team search the world to connect you to exclusive or unusual investment opportunities.

Our world is your oyster

As a Private Bank client, you're at the centre of a network of partners globally. You can work with our contacts and use our expertise to develop the right customised solutions for you and your business.

We open the doors to a range of illiquid private market investments, tailored to your appetite for risk. If you or your family office are prepared to conduct your own diligence, you can join our Investment Club where we'll introduce you to opportunities unavailable elsewhere.

Private Assets

Our Private Assets group gives you the chance to invest in funds with exposure to companies and assets not listed on a public exchange, including real estate, in a number of different ways. Our global reach means we can provide you with access to top-rated global fund managers at a reduced minimum investment.

We’re able to offer access to a range of illiquid private market strategies. Our private assets platform offers two to three opportunities a year. Our past commitments have included the following strategies:

  • Mid-market buyout
  • Private debt
  • Infrastructure
  • Natural resources
  • Value Add Real Estate
  • Opportunistic Real Estate
  • Special Situations Funds

You can get diversified global exposure: the opportunities span investments of all sizes, geographies, sectors and maturities. All the funds we offer pass through a rigorous investment and operational due diligence process before we make them available to you. That’s the power of collaboration.

Please be aware investments and the income from them can fall in value as well as rise, and you may not recover the value of your original investment.

Our exclusive investment club

Get a fresh perspective on your strategy with our Investment Club. For sophisticated investors only, you can choose to back companies from all over the world directly. Many are our clients – this is your opportunity to make the most of the geographical and entrepreneurial diversity of our network globally.

With exclusive access to the expertise of our Corporate and Investment banks, our Specialist Solutions business demonstrates the power of collaborating with Barclays.

Open only to a select group of our clients, our Investment Club introduces you to pre-screened opportunities not advertised to the wider market. The club is open to those prepared and able to conduct their own due diligence. We provide no advice, we simply aim to connect you to the best ideas. We offer:

  • Exclusivity: many of the opportunities for direct investment are not advertised – we tap into the diversity of our entrepreneurial client base across the world to provide you with the opportunity 
  • Diversity: you can select opportunities from across private equity, private debt, property and specialist funds – many unavailable elsewhere
  • Flexibility: you can choose which kind of deal you'd like – by structure, size, region or industry group

Fund raisings typically take place over a three to four month period, including a lead time of about one month, although this is not guaranteed. 

Please be aware investments and the income from them can fall in value as well as rise, and you may not recover the value of your original investment.

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