Sometimes you need flexibility to achieve the full potential of your ambition. If you wish to build a property portfolio, hedge risk or free up capital to seize a once in a lifetime investment opportunity, we can develop a personalised solution for you.

Making the most of your potential

From meeting your short-term borrowing requirements to building your investment portfolio or borrowing against your assets to free up capital to invest elsewhere, we can provide a customised solution.

Your Private Banker will put you in touch with a dedicated credit specialist who will look at opportunities from all angles to ensure you can achieve your goals. We provide a full range of credit solutions, including sophisticated portfolio financing and structured credit options to allow you to free up capital, hedge risk or meet more complex financing needs.

Unsecured loans, mortgages and portfolio financing

Realise an opportunity by borrowing against your current investments using our portfolio financing services. Portfolio financing allows you to employ leverage in your portfolio or use derivatives to hedge FX risk or enable strategic investments. Please note: investments can fall in value as well as rise.

We can also support your property ambitions, no matter how complicated they are. Barclays Private Bank provides a broad range of property financing options from across the whole of Barclays, whether you’re looking to buy a home or build a property portfolio. Whatever your ambition, you’ll be supported by one of our credit lending specialists.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up with payments on your residential mortgage. If you fail to keep up with the required payments on a mortgage for an investment property, the property may be repossessed or a receiver of rents appointed.

Specialist credit solutions

As a Private Bank client, you’ll have exclusive access to our specialist credit solutions to help finance complex property deals, pursue an investment idea, hedge risk or support major purchases or investments through our Trade Financing Services.

You can access a range of personalised solutions, available only to our Private Bank clients:

  • Finance for complex property transactions where you need to borrow larger amounts
  • Structured credit to help you hedge your portfolio or pursue a particular investment strategy
  • Trade Finance and Working Capital solutions. Our bespoke service can support your cross-border purchases or investments. You can also use Trade Finance to strengthen your business ambitions. We offer collections, bank guarantees, letters of credit and Working Capital facilities. It’s the full power of Barclays working for you

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