Founded in the City of London in 1690, Barclays Group enjoys more than 325 years of history and expertise. We’ve always welcomed bright ideas and new technology, from backing the world’s fastest steam ships to making payments as easy as swiping your finger.

Our history of innovation includes launching the world’s first cash machine in 1967, and the UK’s first credit, debit and contactless payment cards.

Barclays Private Banking has evolved over many years – we’ve been operating in Monaco, then part of Barclays Bank France, since the early years of the last Century, and Barclays Bank International opened an office in Switzerland in 1961. Our various businesses internationally were incorporated into a Barclays Private Banking Division, with a headquarters in Grosvenor Street, London, in 1993.

As we have evolved, so has our support for clients. Today we provide a broad range of customised services to meet the banking, investment and credit requirements of clients globally.