Switzerland is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world, according to a recently published Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.1

Its long heritage of transforming small family run companies into world leading multinationals is enabled by an environment that embraces both innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our award winning team combines years of experience with a deep understanding of the Swiss and international entrepreneurial landscape to help you achieve your vision.

We know entrepreneurs have their own unique ambitions and motivations, but having partnered with both early stage and developed businesses, we understand that they also share some characteristics.

These common characteristics apply equally to a small Biotech start-up in Basel or a Fintech company based in the City of London. Whatever their business, all successful entrepreneurs begin their business with a Human Asset – an idea. The challenging bit, perhaps best described as a journey, is turning that Human Asset into a Financial Asset – Wealth.

This journey includes four key phases:

  1. start
  2. growth
  3. pre-exit 
  4. post-exit.

We believe that no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, the following key questions will help all entrepreneurs take advantage of the opportunities they face.

During the growth phase:

  • Are you aware of all the benefits available to you?
  • Do you have the most effective and rewarding employee benefits programme?
  • Do you really understand the threats to your cash flow, profits and business value?
  • Are you managing all aspects of your wealth to best suit your lifestyle and long-term ambitions?

Before an exit:

  • Have you structured your finances to maximise tax efficiencies?
  • Do you fully appreciate the role that emotions can play? Entrepreneurs are typically more emotionally attached to their businesses - this can adversely affect crucial business decisions.
  • Would you like to walk away from your business entirely or retain some level of involvement?

After an exit:

  • In the event of a post-exit windfall, have you considered estate and succession planning?
  • Are you interested in angel investing and would you know where to start?