Our carefully chosen sponsorship programme represents the passions and interests of our clients.

As a socially responsible organisation, Barclays sees sponsorships across our geographic regions as a key part of being actively involved with the communities in which we operate.

We believe in long-term partnerships that deliver exceptional experiences for our clients. Focusing on arts and culture, we have relationships with carefully selected high-quality partners who represent the diverse passions and interests of our clients.

We currently support the following organisations and projects.


Our partnership with Musée Rath re-affirms our ongoing support of Geneva’s cultural life and our long-term commitment to Switzerland.This prestigious museum continuously organises temporary exhibitions with world-class collection, offering the city and its visitors an innovative perspective on art.


GE200.CH was created to celebrate the entrance of Geneva into the Swiss Confederation 200 years ago. Barclays Bank (Suisse) SA has supported one of the major projects to commemorate this occasion: Geneva and Switzerland, a bicentenary in 200 histories.

Barclays celebrated its 325 years of existence in 2015, and with the benefit of more than three centuries of history it has been a natural step to associate with GE200.CH to celebrate the importance of memory, tradition and heritage. In this way, Barclays confirms its attachment to Geneva and reiterates its long-term commitment to Switzerland.

Barclays (Bank) Suisse SA is pleased to re-affirm its ongoing support of Geneva’s cultural life by promoting the (re)discovery of its history though this partnership.