There are many facets to your financial personality and many ways to manage money. It is important to understand the human aspects of investment decision making to better meet your investment objectives.

Our Investment Philosophy combines the emotional and scientific dimensions of investing and can guide you when we look to tailor your portfolio.

Financial Personality AssessmentTM

Discover your financial personality

The Marshmallow Test

Self control under the spotlight. Watch the famous Marshmallow Experiment and begin to understand the science behind the Composure Scale.

Are you being framed?

Watch this video to see how easily our judgment can be impaired by hidden biases.

The psychological advantage

Military leaders can operate under extreme stress, with failure to control emotion potentially being the difference between life and death. What can investors learn from this?

Fight or flight - why risk can pay off

Emily Davies, a behavioural finance expert at Barclays explains why holding your nerve and fighting the metaphorical sabre tooth tiger might make you a better investor.

To risk or not to risk

The Balloon Test is a game of risky decision making. It shows how we all react differently to risk. How much can you take?

News and updates

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