Control your own portfolio and trades without our advice while still benefiting from access to our expert research, real-time market information and trading ideas.


We can offer experienced investors, who want to trade directly on the financial markets without the benefit of advice, access to a global network of institutional dealers and trading specialists. You can execute simple trades through your Private Banker.

You will retain direct control of your investments and can trade a wide range of securities including bonds, equities and foreign exchange. And if you’re looking for support, you still get access to our global network of institutional dealers and trading specialists. They can provide you with overall market colour, real-time information, trends, trading ideas and themes.


With our execution-only service, you do not receive advice but are connected to a range of brokers and liquidity pools, plus Barclays’ world-class research. You’ll also get:

  • Access to a designated multi-asset class dealing line
  • Direct access to the world’s markets
  • Trades executed promptly and in line with your instructions
  • Onshore and offshore trading capabilities
  • Competitive market pricing thanks to our global presence and extensive dealing expertise
  • Seamless settlement, whether you choose a “delivery versus payment” or custody basis

You can also execute simple trades through your Private Banker. Just give them your trading instructions and they’ll execute your order in a professional, timely manner.

For those clients who want to trade actively with access to an Equity, Fixed Income or FX specialist as single contact to facilitate trades and advice (no personal recommendation) on single securities or FX. The specialist provides ideas based on Barclays research within a focused asset class, as well as general market commentary and colour.

Please be aware that investing without advice is not for everyone. You need to be aware of the risks and take advice if you are unsure of an investment's suitability for you.