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Barclays in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit and Ledbury Research

Within a decade, the number of 'super millionaires' is forecast to exceed one million in the UK for the first time. The UK will also have the highest concentration of dollar millionaires - or high net worth households - of any G7 country.

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We analyse three measures of wealth: financial household wealth (investable assets such as cash, shares and bonds owned by the entire household); non-financial wealth (property and land owned by the household); and aggregate wealth (a combination of both financial and non-financial wealth).

There has rarely been a better time to be rich. Recent years have seen a huge increase in both the numbers of wealthy individuals around the world and the amount of wealth they hold, and the UK is one of the elite nations leading and benefiting from this 'wealth upsurge'.

The UK is a haven for enterprise, with a booming private equity industry and an increasingly flexible workforce. Perfectly positioned between the key markets of America and Asia, it benefits from globally-renowned cultural pursuits, and its world class cities boast much acclaimed restaurants, shops and an impressive stock of luxury properties.

Add to this the UK’s generous taxation policies for resident non-domiciled individuals, political stability and rich cultural diversity, and this benign environment amounts to an enticing proposition for the global affluent. Download the full report

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