External reference rates for currencies used by Wealth & Investments and Private Bank & Overseas Services.

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Code Currency Central Bank Base Rate External Benchmark Rate Day Count Used
AED United Arab Emirates Dirham Central Bank of the U.A.E – Repo Rate1 Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (EIBOR) 360
AUD Australian Dollar Reserve Bank of Australia – Target Cash Rate Bank Bill Swap Bid Rate (BBSY) 360
BBD Barbados Dollar No Central Bank Policy Rate published2 4 360
BWP Botswana Pula Bank of Botswana – Bank Rate 4 360
CAD Canadian Dollar Bank of Canada – Target for the Overnight Rate Canadian Dollar Offered Rate (CDOR) 360
CHF Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank – 3 Month LIBOR Target (Midpoint) London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) 360
CNY Chinese Yuan The People's Bank of China – 1 Year Policy Deposit Rate1 4 360
CZK Czech Koruna Czech National Bank – 2 Week Repo Rate 4 360
DKK Danish Krone Danish National Bank – Lending Rate Copenhagen Interbank Offered Rate (CIBOR) 360
EUR Euro European Central Bank – Interest Rate on the Main Refinancing Operations Euro Interbank Offered Rate (EURIBOR) 360
GBP Pound Sterling Bank of England – Official Bank Rate London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) 365
HKD Hong Kong Dollar Hong Kong Monetary Authority – Base Rate Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate (HIBOR) 365
HUF Hungarian Forint Hungarian Central Bank – Base Rate 4 360
ILS Israeli Shekel Bank of Israel – Interest Rate 4 365
JPY Japanese Yen Bank of Japan – Complementary Deposit Facility Rate London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) 360
KES Kenyan Shilling Central Bank of Kenya – Central Bank Rate 4 365
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar Central Bank of Kuwait – Overnight Repo Rate 4 365
MUR Mauritian Rupee Bank of Mauritius – Repo Rate 4 365
MXN Mexican Peso Bank of Mexico – Overnight Target Rate 4 360
NOK Norwegian Krone Norges Bank – Key Policy Rate Norwegian Interbank Offered Rate (NIBOR) 360
NZD New Zealand Dollar Reserve Bank of New Zealand – Official Cash Rate Bank Bill Reference Rate (BKBM) 360
OMR Omani Rial Central Bank of Oman – Policy Interest Rate1 4 360
PLN Polish Zloty National Bank Poland – Reference Rate (Minimum Money Market Intervention Rate) 4 365
QAR Qatari Riyal Qatar Central Bank – QMR Overnight Deposit Rate 4 360
RON Romanian Leu National Bank of Romania – Policy Rate 4 360
RUB Russian Ruble Bank of Russia – Overnight Credit Rate 4 360
SAR Saudi Riyal Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency – Official Repo Rate 4 360
SEK Swedish Krona Swedish Riksbank – Repo Rate Stockholm Interbank Offered Rate (STIBOR) 360
SGD Singapore Dollar Monetary Authority of Singapore – Standing Facility Borrowing Rate3 Swap Offer Rate (SOR) 365
THB Thai Baht Bank of Thailand – Policy Interest Rate 4 365
TRY Turkish Lira Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey – 1 Week Repo Rate 4 360
USD United States Dollar Federal Reserve – Target Federal Funds Rate (Upper Bound) London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) 360
ZAR South African Rand South African Reserve Bank – Repo Rate Johannesburg Interbank Average Rate (JIBAR) 365

1 Rate not available on Central Bank website at present – please contact Central Bank directly should you wish to verify their current rate.

2 A Central Bank Base Rate is not published for this currency. We will apply a reference rate of zero.

3 We will apply as the reference rate the rate published on the first business day of each month with the rate updated monthly.

4 In this currency we do not offer any products to which an External Benchmark Rate is applied.


The information on this website does not apply to any products with a fixed interest rate.

External reference rates are variable and may change. Barclays Wealth & Investment Management will update any rate set by reference to an external reference rate in accordance with the terms & conditions for that product.

If any external reference rate is less than zero then the rate for the product will be deemed to be zero in accordance with the terms & conditions for that product.

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