We believe that finance and banking can play a critical role as a key enabler of social and economic progress, growth and development. This ethos is an integral part of the way we do business.

We partner with a diverse range of high performing charities and associations that address unmet societal needs, and use and commit our skills and resources to drive and deliver the best results for everyone.

We believe that when our community thrives and prospers, so do we. Our objective is to help people in our community gain access to the skills necessary to enhance their financial and digital empowerment and their chances of employability.


To develop work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills among young people, we provide volunteers and funds to organisations such as INJAZ UAE and the Emirates Foundation in the UAE, and Snehasadan in India.

Furthermore, we identified 70 Emirati women entrepreneurs from rural towns in Abu Dhabi and UAE’s Northern Emirates, and trained them on key business skills such as pricing, marketing and management.

In a continuous effort to promote digital literacy in the community, our IT team regularly donates computers as well as their expertise to set up computer labs for associations, including the Dubai Club for the Disabled, to access the internet to apply for jobs and online training.

In addition to this, our employees regularly support an important number initiatives such as the Al Noor Centre for Children with Special Needs, various charities supporting Syrian war refugees, and Beit Al Khair, a charity that helps us reach out to families in need.