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We’re part of a British bank with an international footprint that’s been supporting clients and driving innovation since 1690.

We challenge the expected, presenting fresh ideas, opportunities and perspectives in a way that is entirely relevant to you. And we continually look forwards, rising to the challenge and taking initiative on your behalf.

Wherever you are, we bring together the right people, ideas and opportunities to achieve your ambitions. With the global strengths and skills of Barclays behind us, we provide a worldwide service from our regional centres in Europe, India, the Middle East and North Africa. It's a highly focused and collaborative approach that draws on a wide range of advisors and specialist services. At the heart of this relationship is a dedicated Private Banker, who will work closely and creatively with you to protect and build your wealth.

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Private Banking

Managing all your finances from day-to-day banking to more complex and bespoke needs


Orchestrating effortless, daily Banking

We use the full resources of the Barclays Group and beyond to meet your banking and credit needs. Our solutions include a wide variety of savings accounts, digital banking, securities-backed financing and structured credit.

Rising life expectancies mean long-term economic growth will probably increase. Governments will collect more taxes and be able to spend more.

Antonio Garcia Pascual

Chief Economist, Europe, Barclays


To meet your investment objectives, we offer tailored advice on the structure and content of your portfolio


Investment services

We work closely alongside you and your advisors to understand what matters most to you. Our private banking services help you build on your achievements, fulfil your potential and lay the right foundations for your family and business to flourish.


We're part of a British bank with an international footprint, that's been supporting clients and driving innovation since 1690.


Our reach means you have privileged access to global markets and to tailored and exclusive opportunities.

total assets

Drawing on the strength of our balance sheet and institutional and private sources of capital, we create.


Our expert knowledge is grounded on first-hand industry experience coupled with our ability to identify upcoming sector opportunities. Read a selection of our insight pieces.


Collaboration begins with a conversation

Discuss your needs and find out how we can help you achieve your goals.