The Channel Islands and Isle of Man - Real Estate Realities podcast

01 February 2021

The Channel Islands and Isle of Man are a magnet for those in search of an outdoor lifestyle, quick connections to mainland UK and tax benefits. In this episode of Real Estate Realities, the Barclays Private Bank podcast devoted to prime property, we explore the islands’ luxury property markets and trends in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with property journalist, Zoe Dare Hall.

She’s joined by Jo Stoddart, Director at Locate Guernsey, Kevin Lemasney, Director of High Value Residency at Locate Jersey, Nick Preskey, Head of Inward Investment at Locate Isle of Man and Susan Hollis, Head of Credit Product for Barclays Private Bank.

Please note, this podcast was recorded in December. There have been some island-wide COVID-19 restrictions put in place since the time of recording.

Don’t have time to listen to the whole podcast? Dip into the recording at the times below to listen to specific topics:

  1. What are the tax benefits? – 3.02
  2. COVID response – 3.42
  3. Lifestyle – 6.33
  4. Doing business from the islands - 8.29
  5. Island macro-economics - 10.58
  6. Navigating a two-tier property market – 13.15
  7. Property prices – 15.40
  8. Buying, building and developing – 18.07
  9. Buy-to-let market – 20.90

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