Philanthropy articles

Below are articles that will deepen your knowledge of philanthropy, provide ideas on giving from experts in the field, and highlight good practice and current issues.

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Fran Perrin


The Indigo Trust's Fran Perrin talks about geek power and finding your philanthropic feet.

Giving online


Technology is transforming how we give, and who knows about it when we do, says Marina Sevier, a consultant and adviser on philanthropic and charitable work.

The Good Trip


“Voluntourism” – giving back on your getaway – is on the rise. But, says Marina Sevier, making a positive impact requires research and careful planning.

Alexandre Mars

Alexandre Mars founded and sold a string of start-ups before dedicating himself to philanthropy. Now he is applying his tech savvy and entrepreneurial oomph to energising a new generation of givers.

Emma Turner

Nick Compton talks to Emma Turner, Head of the Client Philanthropy Service for Barclays Private Bank, about “Smart Giving – A guide to donating”

Lessons in giving

Cheryl Chapman highlights ten illuminating tomes and talks about productive philanthropy

A Beginner's guide to giving

Marcelle Speller, founder of the Localgiving Foundation, offers a road map, wrong turns included, for your philanthropic journey.

Charity Checks and Balances

Charities, like businesses, should talk about the bottom line, says charity insider Martin Brookes