In Focus Monthly - June 2018

Rising interest rates, how the ever-smouldering euro crisis briefly burst into flames and why precious metals may lose their shine are all under debate in this month’s In Focus.

In this edition, our experts discuss how to navigate the challenges that June brought to the investment landscape.

As interest rates rise, everything from the decision to splash out on toys to placate your children to state infrastructure projects must be re-evaluated. Read how interest rates are currently impacting capital markets.

After an Italian populist coalition government formed this month, borrowing costs soared and risk assets were sold. Does our tactical overweight to European equities remain warranted?

Read why precious metals’ appeal as non-yielding assets may dwindle following continued Fed rate hikes and a modest rise in US Treasury yields.

Lastly, Charlie Thomas of Jupiter Ecology Fund discusses sustainable investments in an exclusive interview.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

Q2 review: disciplinarian markets

As interest rates rise, everything from the decision to splash out on some ‘Paw Patrol’ plastic to placate the little savages to state infrastructure projects needs to be re-evaluated.

European equities: Italy’s rage

After months of wrangling, a populist coalition, throwing together the political extremities, managed to form a government.

A look at precious metals

Sporadically turbulent equity markets, escalating trade tensions and plenty of geopolitical uncertainty have been met with little more than a shrug from the gold price.

Charlie Thomas interview

Charlie Thomas talks to Ian Aylward about managing a portfolio focused on sustainable investments, and the changes he has witnessed in this marketplace.

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