Sustainable Portfolio Management 2021 report

Sustainability Portfolio Management Report 2021

Sustainable Portfolio Management

2021 report

21 April 2021

The pandemic is proving to be a powerful catalyst for change across both the corporate landscape and wider society. As investors continue to pour record amounts into sustainable and ESG investments1, companies are increasingly focusing on their role in society and their impact on the environment – recognising an opportunity to de-risk their businesses, as well as benefit from growing demand for innovative and sustainable solutions.

In this report, we’ve looked at the positive impact that the companies in our discretionary sustainable portfolio are having on the world*.  Through their corporate cultures and approaches to innovation, our investee companies are shaping our world by driving the global sustainability agenda. Extraordinary innovation and endeavour has led these companies to drive improvements in low-carbon technologies, our ability to fight disease and the circular economy, to name just a few areas.

The allocation of capital is one of our most powerful tools for driving sustainable change. Much of this wouldn’t be possible without the financial support of sustainably-minded investors who are collectively shaping a brighter future.

*Unless otherwise stated, companies referenced in this report were companies held by our Sustainable Total Return Strategy as of 31 December 2020 and may no longer form part of our portfolios. Reference to specific companies in this report is not an opinion as to their present or future value and should not be considered investment advice or a personal recommendation.


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