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Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Barclays Private Bank.

Clients have always wanted, and will continue to want, strong financial returns through their investments. However, how they generate that return is now more important than ever.

Increasingly our clients realise the potential of their wealth to make an impact. At the same time, we’re seeing global, social and environmental issues impact our clients’ portfolios, from Covid-19 to climate change

We’ve recognised the growing appetite – from families, charities, and universities – for a more proactive stance on how we invest for them. Building on an investment philosophy that has evolved over 15 years, and that’s supported by a strong track record in discretionary portfolio management, our team customised this new strategy to meet our clients’ sustainability preferences and desire for financial performance.

Our clients’ reaction has been overwhelming – it has become the fastest growing solution Barclays Private Bank has ever launched. Pleasingly, the industry recognised it as the ‘Best ESG Investment Fund: Multi Asset’ at the 2020 ESG Investing Awards1.

I’m immensely proud that, as a leading investments house, we continue to push the boundaries to serve investors wanting to protect and grow their assets, while making a positive contribution to our world.

This report showcases our thinking about how we see beyond the companies and challenges to the underlying themes and investment opportunities. I hope you find it enlightening and are encouraged by how we seek to address the global challenges ahead and serve those who have entrusted us with their wealth.

Karen Frank

Karen Frank

CEO, Barclays Private Bank


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