Sustainable Portfolio Management

2020 report

15 June 2020

From Covid-19 to climate change, we’re seeing global, social and environmental issues reshape the world we live in. While it’s easy to feel exhausted by the scale of these problems, there’s hope in the most powerful tool we have for tackling the many daunting challenges we face - artificial intelligence (AI).

Our Fund Manager’s letter looks at how the sustainability issues we face as a planet offer some extraordinary opportunities to the companies that are helping to address them, and to us as investors.

In this report, we explore the transition from traditional to precision agriculture; improving healthcare outcomes; and dematerialisation. In particular, we look to emphasise the opportunities that artificial intelligence and advanced technologies present to each of these challenges.


Large scale data analytics and machine learning are providing opportunities to completely transform healthcare


The world is seeing a decoupling of resources consumption from economic growth - principally through technological advancements


Today's global food system is no longer a viable model for the worlds population's long-term needs


Sustainable investing: The time is now

Feature article: How business can be a force for good

Our Strategy

Our sustainable investing strategy helps clients to maximise risk-adjusted returns through a portfolio of businesses that have a positive impact on the world. Read about our strategy’s impact on both returns and sustainability, as well as how the companies we invest in are creating a better tomorrow.


Where we are now

How much difference can a sustainable investment strategy make today?


Versatility with a choice of services

At Barclays Private Bank, we offer discretionary and advisory investment services, investments to help manage and grow your wealth. Professionals can also benefit from access to market and more complex solutions.


Sustainable Portfolio Management 2021 report

Our annual report looks at how companies are recognising an opportunity to de-risk their businesses, as well as benefit from growing demand for innovative and sustainable solutions.