I’m selling my business. What’s next?

We can help you take the leap

You have an exit strategy, but have you planned how to take full advantage of the profits after selling your business or company shares?

From the anxiety around the initial decision to the elation of success and finally feelings of loss once it’s been sold, we understand that selling your business can be an emotional rollercoaster. The influx of wealth can open a lot of doors, but choosing what to do with this wealth creates challenges too.

The company is something I hold very close to my heart, but we were selling a majority stake […] to take the business to the next stage of its evolution

Amit Patel, CEO of Atnahs

Bringing you the clarity to progress confidently.

At Barclays Private Bank, we’ve worked with many entrepreneurs in your shoes. We have the experience and connections to help you go further. Our suite of services has been designed to address your unique needs, combining our global network with bespoke consulting.

At Barclays Private Bank, we offer wide-ranging support to entrepreneurs, from planning personal goals to investment guidance. As well as helping you to get strong financial returns, we also assist our clients in areas of intellectual curiosity, whether that is mentoring companies, impact investing or philanthropy.

Here are some important aspects of wealth management you may want to consider:

Wealth advisory

Without proper planning, wealth typically only lasts three generations. Ensure your wealth is structured for protection, both now and in the future.

Strategic solutions

As our client, you have a powerful global network at your fingertips. Through our customised solutions, you can draw on the expertise of our award-winning Investment Bank to make your sale a success.


Our investment experts can design a bespoke investment strategy for the next chapter of your life and manage it to meet your future liabilities and changing needs.