I’m thinking about my children’s future

For today, tomorrow and generations to follow

Providing for your children is important to you, so we want to ensure your wealth is structured to protect your family, both now and in the future.

Providing support and security from one generation to another is a universal priority, whether you’re transferring your business to your children, teaching them to manage money well or writing your will.

We can help

Everything we do is built on a deep, intuitive understanding of you, your family and your long-term goals.

We work with you and your advisors to create effective strategies to ensure your wealth has maximum benefit for you and your children by using a wide range of estate planning structures, including trusts, companies and foundations.

About seven in 10 wealthy families lose their fortune by the second generation. By the third generation that number has jumped to 90%.

Here are some important aspects of your family’s wealth you may want to consider:

Wealth advisory

Make sure you can provide a smooth passage of wealth from one generation to another. For times of uncertainty, we also incorporate liquidity planning into your estate and wealth structure.


We’ll create a bespoke investment strategy to meet your unique needs in a changing world and manage it to preserve wealth for generations to come.


Enjoy access to personalised philanthropy advice for you and your family to maximise your impact.


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