Mid-Year Outlook 2023

12 June 2023

After a bumpy start to the year

what’s next for investors in 2023 and beyond?

With inflation having peaked in major economies,

but with the risk of recession increasing,

can central banks find the right equilibrium?

Could geopolitics continue to sour the mood?

And where might we find new investment opportunities…

…that could truly influence tomorrow?

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Welcome to our “Mid-Year Outlook”, the investment strategy update from Barclays Private Bank. In the chapters below, we explore the possibility of the world’s leading economies entering into recession later this year. And while equities remain surprisingly resilient, they may be underestimating the risk of a slowdown. Turning to fixed income, as interest rates seemingly near their peak and with inflation easing, we ask what the implications are for bond investors. 

Beyond our usual asset class and financial market analysis, we also examine how investors can get to grips with the biodiversity risk lurking in their portfolios. As always, we hope you enjoy the report.

Jean-Damien Marie and Andre Portelli,
Co-Heads of Investment, Private Bank

Insights from our Mid-Year Outlook 2023