Inspired magazine

03 July 2023

Welcome to our ‘Inspired’ magazine.

From exquisite jewellery

to eye-catching cars,

and art-inspired philanthropy, 

to private book collections,

we share the insights

and passions

of inspirational people from around the world. 

Meet the tennis player serving up a storm,

the former Olympic cyclist still riding high,

and the entrepreneurs aiming big,

as they all influence tomorrow in their unique ways. 

Read ‘Inspired’ today.

Featuring incredible insights and experiences of inspirational people from around the world, we explore some of their interests and passions that are thrilling and fascinating in equal measure.

In many ways, the articles below capture the essence of our Private Bank – the need for resilience, the hunt for quality and the desire to influence tomorrow for the better. These are all themes that resonate and capture our imagination.

Our sincere thanks go to all who contributed. We’re certainly feeling more inspired for having glimpsed into their special worlds.

Jean-Christophe Gerard
Chief Executive Officer

Insights from Inspired magazine