In Switzerland Magazine 2022

27 June 2022

Welcome to the 2022 edition of ‘In Switzerland’

I trust that you, your family, and friends remain in good health, and in good spirits. 

This year has seen us enjoy greater freedoms in many aspects of our lives in Switzerland as we progress beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. We all take great heart from the human and scientific efforts that have helped us to overcome this global threat.

However, the joys of the easing of restrictions were swiftly overtaken by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February. In the financial landscape, we have also seen much higher-than-expected post-lockdown inflation, as well as increased volatility in e­quity and bond markets. While the short-term future may be uncertain, the long-term case for investing remains robust.

With this in mind, it is useful to seek out opportunities for growth and change, and these are two themes explored through ‘In Switzerland’. For the 11th consecutive year, Switzerland has been judged the most innovative country in the world1. Innovation and creativity tend to flourish in testing times, which gives us hope that the global outlook will continue to improve through technological and engineering solutions.

In this year’s edition, we consider the Swiss private equity market and review the resilience of the Swiss property market. We also have a fascinating interview with adventurer and sustainability champion Raphaël Domjan, and we meet footballer Juan Mata who discusses his work in establishing the Common Goal Foundation. Amongst other things, we explore philanthropy through the lens of future generations with Wise Foundation.

With global warming, and the status of the Swiss franc as a safe-haven currency remaining key areas of interest for our readers, we’ve also included articles on these two topics. Meanwhile, we speak to the founder of Fondation Opale about the transformative power of art, and to entrepreneur Roald Goethe on his passion for iconic cars.

We hope you enjoy the articles, and our best wishes for an enjoyable summer ahead.

James Persse
Head of Barclays Private Bank Switzerland

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