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A generation of work. Working for generations.

We know there’s more to succession planning than simply passing on your assets. Conversations centred around money, power and love are often fraught with emotion, triggered by complex family dynamics that need to be navigated.

We commissioned leading intelligence agency, Savanta, to help us gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges global families, like yours, face. We talked to over 400 high-net-worth (HNW) people around the world and carried out in-depth interviews with clients and family governance and behavioural experts, gaining exclusive insights into the tensions surrounding wealth and business transfer.

In response to those insights, we’ve developed our Smarter Succession content series, which provides expert guidance to help you and your families overcome these tensions, and ultimately lay the foundations for generations to come.

Smarter Succession


Challenges and opportunities

We explore the challenges and opportunities global families face when it comes to intergenerational wealth transfer. 


Family charter

Harmonious wealth transfer has become more difficult. Could a family charter be the key to successful intergenerational wealth transfer?

Succession stories

The dynamics of every family are complex and unique. We talk to three families about how they have made wealth transfer work for them.


Sustainable family legacies

Each generation wants to use their wealth to make positive change. Could sustainable investing therefore align family values for seamless wealth transfer?


The power of inclusivity

Our panel of experts explore the gender bias prevalent in succession planning and provide guidance on how families can become more inclusive.


How we can support your family with succession planning

Succession planning is an emotional and highly personal subject, particularly when a family business is involved. That’s why we provide unique, practical insights that enable you to better understand and navigate challenging family dynamics. We also surround you with a team of Wealth Advisors who have a proven track record assisting clients with their complex multi-jurisdictional needs.

The quality of our people and stability of the team is what sets us apart. Our global network of specialists have over 250 years’ combined experience across a broad range of industry practices. Our Wealth Advisors are experts in their field with extensive knowledge across multiple international markets. They work alongside your current advisors, to help protect your wealth and support your planning, structuring and investment needs. We leverage our network to connect you to partners for requirements such as legal and tax advice.

Underpinned by solid foundations across banking, credit and investments, our experts are on hand to support you with a variety of interests and ambitions.

Smarter Succession Research Reports

Below is a series of short reports containing the key insights from our research, undertaken by Savanta on behalf of Barclays Private Bank. Our three research reports are available below:

Family Business Short Report 2020

We investigate the relationship between generations of wealthy families and the factors that influence the effective transfer of family businesses.

Family Business [PDF, 770KB]

Sustainable Investing Short Report 2020

As HNW families look towards effective succession, research shows that sustainable investing can provide common ground for generations to align.

Sustainable Investing [PDF, 848KB]

Women and Wealth Short Report 2020

We investigate the role of women in wealth, succession planning and family business decision-making- and ultimately, how these roles are shifting family and banking relationships. 

Women and Wealth [PDF, 703KB]


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