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We look further for new opportunities

Beyond 100: the challenges and opportunities of longer, healthier lives

We have investigated the impact of longevity to help you understand what this could mean for your family, your future and your investments.

Humankind is on the cusp of halting the ageing process. From gene-editing to artificial intelligence, rapid advances in radical science, research and technology mean we could soon be living beyond 100 – a trend that could have far-reaching implications for the way we live, work and invest.

At Barclays Private Bank, we have the scale, connectivity and determination to help you make the most of burgeoning developments. To launch our new Beyond series, we give you access to world-leading experts across sectors in a video, podcast and specially-commissioned White Paper. Beyond 100 investigates the economic and societal impact of longer, healthier lives to help you see opportunities where others can’t.

Part of our wider strategic approach to investing, philanthropy and financial solutions, Beyond 100 will help you understand how longer lifespans could transform the next generation, and what it could mean for you, your family and your portfolio.

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Beyond 100 - Whitepaper

Breakthroughs in bioscience could help people live fitter, healthier lives for much longer than we thought possible, but what impact will this have?

For our special report, world-leading experts across sectors share their ideas and insights to help you understand the possible implications of a longer lifespan on the economy, your family and your investments.

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Beyond 100 - Podcast

Could new developments in medical science mean that future generations will live to 120 – or beyond?

In this specially-commissioned podcast, sector specialists across biotechnology, work, housing and the economy discuss what impact longer lifespans could have on the way we live, work and invest.

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